“Cattleman's Ball”

Cattleman's Ball

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Episode: 3 · Aired:
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Steel guitar, a little fiddle, a little chorteling, a hint of a luau, but it's all fitting for the annual Cattleman's Ball. Just enough upbeat tempo to get The Olds out of their seats and on the dance floor, with some slower melodies for when they start to get winded but don't want to take a seat in front of the young whippersnappers. The young ones can't be trusted anyway, since there's more than a few waiting for The Olds to disappear so they can parcel out the ranch to developers like the shifty no-good creeps they are.

Featured Artists:
Jesse James And All the Boys, Merle Travis with Cowboy Band, Leon McAuliffe And His Western Swing Band, Rusty Draper, Red Rowe and The Ridge Riders, Spade Cooley And His Orchestra, Slim Whitman, Roy Rogers, Butterball Brown And His Orchestra, Oklahoma Ed Moody, Billy Jack Wills and his Western Swing Band, Douglas Venable and His Bar X Ranch Hands, Jack Lathrop and The Drugstore Cowboys, Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan, Hank Williams