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Domain Name Registration

Domain names are flying out the window every day. While an uncommon name might be relatively safe if you don't reserve it now... as the choices for unique names becomes narrowed down you might be in for a rude surprise later when your "perfect" name has been purchased by someone else. You would be surprised how many ranches named Twin Willows and Lazy J there are in this world!

Choosing A Domain Name

Please keep in mind you want your domain name to be something easy to remember. Something that people might automatically 'guess' at if looking for you on the web. The shorter and simpler the better. A good choice is always the name of your farm, or even a particular stallion. While there's always the chance you may not own a stallion forever, using a horse's name as a web site address is a tremendous way to build his name recognition in the years to come and is a benefit to any future owners.

Domains may be registered for as little as two years, with yearly renewals after the first two years as low as $15 per year. People may also register more than one domain name, and even have several different domain names that point to the exact same web address.


You may want to register multiple domain names if they are available. For example:
www.jonesranch.com and www.ranchstudname.com may actually point to the same location on the web. People looking for their stallion can find their site either by their ranch name or stallion name. Browsers may only know the stallion's name, so having both domain names reserved increases the Jones Ranch's chance of being found on the web.

Rules to Remember

Domain names have a variety of basic rules. For example, with a .com, .net, .org domain name:

  • Use only letters, numbers, or dash ("-")
  • Cannot begin or end with a dash
  • Cannot have more than 67 characters (including .com, .net, and .org)
  • Country code domain names cannot exceed 26 characters total
  • Domain names are not case sensitive
  • Domain names cannot include empty spaces between words

Register a Domain Name

You may register a domain name or check availability of a domain name in the form box below.

Purchasing Domain Names Online

IMPORTANT: By using the form above to check domain availability you are under NO obligation to purchase that domain name if it is available. We do NOT charge for service of the domain name registration itself - whether you reserve the domain yourself or ask Equine Web Design to do so for you. However, payment for domain registration is required at the time of registration via credit/debit card regardless of whether you register the domain yourself or we register the domain for you.

If you have any questions before registering your domain yourself please don't hesitate to email or call for more information. We also have a sheet we can email to you that walks you through the domain registration process step-by-step so even a total "newbie" can march through those online forms with confidence.