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Manage Your Domain Name

Domain names are registered for varying lengths of time, for as little as one year or as many as ten years at a time. It is absolutely imperative to keep your contact information current with the domain registrar at all times, as renewal notices (a heads-up it's time to renew your domain name) are sent by email from the domain registrar. If the email on file with the domain registrar is defunct or inaccessible, this means you will not receive your renewal notice, and may possibly forget to renew your domain name.

Your Domain Name User Information

When you register a domain name you receive a username and password that allows you to log in their system and update your user profile, address, email address, billing information, and renew your domain name. This is important stuff. You need to print and save a hard copy with your username and password, just in case the email with this information gets lost.

I Lost My Domain Name Username / Password

Most registrars have a username and password lookup service, but if the email address they have on file happens to be dysfunctional, you won't receive the information sent by their automated service. If you cannot retrieve the information using their password lookup feature, you may be asked for proof of your identity/domain name ownership by providing a faxed copy of your driver's license, and completing a written form. (Obviously, inconvenient and time consuming.)

Who is My Domain Registrar?

The domain registar is the company you registered your domain through (ex: GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Register.Com). If you aren't sure or don't remember, you can use a free WHOIS service to find out which registar your domain is currently registered with. Try Domain Tools WHOIS.

What Happens if My Domain Name Expires?

Most registrars have a grace period of anywhere from 5 days, and sometimes up to 30, to redeem your domain name. After this grace period, typically the domain registrar adds a substantial fee (sometimes $150 or more) to reclaim your domain name before it is released for public resale. If not reclaimed before the redemption period, domain names are released for anyone - usually domain squatters - to snatch up and use themselves or offer for sale for many hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

But What If My Renewal Notices Went in My Spam Folder?!

The short story is: the domain registrars don't care. They might go so far as to sympathize with you, but that won't change the fact your domain name may have expired, and you either have to pay a lot of money to redeem it or may have already lost it.

You're responsible to keep current contact information with the domain registrar at all times, with a reliable contact email address. If your email program likes to send everything to your trash folder, it's ultimately your responsibility to set up another email contact address you know you can count on.

Whenever your email address or contact information changes, you need to update your information with the domain registrar.