Sew Your Own Horse Show Clothing

Sew Your Own Horse Show Clothing

You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, sewing your own equestrian wear and horse show apparel. Custom make your own chaps, jackets, vests, slinky tops, horsemanship shirts, saddle seat suits, hunt jackets, dressage coats, breeches, and more. We offer several fabric and equestrian pattern sources to help do-it-yourselfers create a winning wardrobe.

Rhinestones & Bling Sources

Sewing Patterns Western Riding

Patterns to make tops, vests, jackets, horsemanship shirts, pants and chaps.

Lycra Stretch Fabric

Stretch lycra/spandex fabrics preferred for sewing slinky tops, horsemanship shirts, and horse "sleazies". A variety of weights, solids, and patterns are available.

Imitation Suede Fabrics

Often referred to as "Ultrasuede" (manufactured by Toray), faux suede comes in a variety of weights, colors, and quality. Heavier faux suede is preferred for making chaps, while lighter weights can be used for garments and decorative trim appliques.

Sewing Patterns English Riding

Patterns to make hunt, dressage, and saddle seat apparel including coats, breeches, jods, and shirts.

Real Leather for Sewing

Pigskin, lambskin, suedes, splits, and garment leather hides suitable for making chaps, vests, and decorative trim pieces.

Sewing Web Sites & How-Tos

Learn basic sewing and alterations techniques online.

Specialty Sewing

Imitation Leather Fabrics

Faux leather is often labeled as vinyl, naugahyde, stretch vinyl, Pleather, Ultraleather, and PVC. Determine whether the faux leather you choose is the right weight, has the right backing material (if any), and whether it will be suitable for garment construction and/or decorative trim. Always request swatches, if available!

Western Wear Staples

Need it fast? Want it now? These high quality manufacturers specialize in fashionable western show apparel.