Equine Breed and Registry

Equine Breed and Registry

Links to horse breed, color, discipline-specific web sites, as well as registries.

Color & Genetics Information

Panel testing and in-depth color information, pedigree research.

Performance Horse Associations

Niche events and clubs for performance horse competition.

Appaloosa Horses

The breed most commonly recognized as having unique spotted patterns.


Sites of interest to admirers of the Arabian Horse.

Buckskin & Dun

Buckskins, grullas, and duns are characterized by different coat colors with dorsal stripes and zebra-like markings.

Caspian Horses

A 5,000 year old ancient breed believed to have been extinct for over 1300 years.


Cutting is a sport where horse and rider show their ability to control a cow after sorting it from a herd.

Draft Horses

Belgian, Clydesdale, Shire, Percheron and lesser known heavy draft horses.

Friesian & Part-Friesian


Beautiful, versatile, sturdy horses excel in every discipline from Western Dressage to driving and eventing.


The breed named for a great little horse they called Justin Morgan.


Mules & Donkeys


Living Legends of the American West.

Paints & Pintos

Paint or Pinto, they display a variety of color patterns including overo, tobiano, tovero, piebald, skewbald, medicine hat, sabino and more...

Palominos & Cremellos

Various breeds that have a golden, cream, or pearlescent coat color.


Sturdy, surefooted, gaited horses of a Spanish type; a favorite among trail riders and those that seek comfort and style.


Foundation Breeders

Dedicated to promotion and preservation of foundation bloodlines of several breeds and families of horses.

Quarter Horses

America's Horse is also one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Reining & Cowhorse

Two of the most popular events at shows and futurities.

Roan Horses

A secondary color registry for horses of AQHA, APHA and ApHC bloodlines. ​

Saddlebreds & Gaited Horses

Often referred as the peacocks of the horse show world.


Trotters and pacers; they make versatile mounts after (or instead of) their racing career.

Spanish Horses

Andalusian and Lusitano, Azteca and Iberian horses.

Thoroughbreds & Racing

Horse racing and race horses, The Sport of Kings, enjoys a worldwide following.


Bred to excel as dressage horses, jumpers, hunters, eventers - imported and domestic breeds.


The art of Classical Horsemanship as well as worldwide competitive sport.