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Equine Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a scripted "back-end" management system that provides website authoring and administration tools designed to allow users with little or no knowledge of web programming to manage areas of their web site or online community. Users add and edit information through a familiar form interface, and that data is merged with specially designed custom-coded templates to show the latest additions and changes. Facebook®, Flickr®, Blogger®, and Twitter® are all examples of different, but very specific, content management systems used by millions of people worldwide. Anyone posting on an online forum interfaces with a content management system. Actually, many people who have never heard of a content management system use one every day, but don't know it!

Equine Web Design's Equine Content Management system was specially created with the "horse person" in mind. Our exclusive administration functions offer clients a timely and cost-effective way to manage core areas of their web site while maintaining the web site's professional look and layout.

Equine Web Design's Equine Content Management system enables you to add, edit, and update your sales barn, broodmare pages, reference sire pages, breeding stallion pages, pedigree databases, photo galleries, news, links, event schedule, staff bios, or online catalog via your own private administration section to keep content that changes frequently up-to-the-minute without the added expense of maintenance fees or update requests.

Web sites can be updated any time, day or night, by logging into your private administration section while online. There's no special software required, and you don't need to be a computer nerd or know HTML or a programming language, to add and modify content. If you already have the skills to fill out an email form, you can do this!

Specific Equine Content Management areas depend on the type of web site (for example, a Ranch Site typically utilizes different features than an E-Commerce site). Equine Web Design's Equine Content Management system is available exclusively to sites designed and hosted by Equine Web Design. Additional custom programming can be integrated depending on your needs.