No two web sites are alike. Unless you steal from one.
No two web sites are alike. Unless you steal from one.

General Copy Rights

All materials included on Equine Web Design's site, and sites designed by Equine Web Design™, are protected by copyright. All intellectual property, logos, trademarks, service marks, are the property of their respective holder(s); hereafter referred to as AUTHOR(S).

NO part of the normally displayed text and graphics, HTML code, or scripts, be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means including (but not limited to) electronic or mechanical, facsimile, including by photocopying, facsimile transmission, recording, rekeying, scanning, or yet uninvented means, or by using any information storage and retrieval system, EXCEPT WITH THE PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR(S) AND APPROPRIATE REFERENCES AS DEFINED BY THE AUTHOR(S).

All text is intellectual property and is copyrighted. Unauthorized Use may result in legal action against the party(s) accessing, modifying, plagiarizing, republishing, or redistributing copyrighted content without proper authorization.

The Butts and What-Ifs

What content from the web sites can I use? You are very welcome and encouraged to view and enjoy the web site's content as it is presented in its original format (online) within the web site. After all, most web sites are created for public use, advertising, and information! You can view the images. You can print it for your own personal reference, but you may not redistribute any part of the web site in any media form, or use any part for commercial purposes. 'Contents' of the web site including written text, images, HTML markup, scripting, and supporting text or image files, are not to be re-used, duplicated, edited, decompiled, stored or transferred in any media format (digital, printed, or other) without express written permission from the respective copyright and/or trademark holder(s).  This includes unauthorized linking-to of the web site's files online.

But is it alright to borrow text I might find useful if I change it around for my own purposes? No. When I went to school it was called plagiarism. (It still is.) If it didn't come out of your head - from your original thought processes - or you didn't get permission to use it - it isn't yours to edit and use. There have been several instances where HTML code, copy, and/or images from Equine Web Design and sites designed by Equine Web Design has been used (even verbatim) to advertise other equine designer's web sites or within the code of their web pages. Can you believe it?

I like this copyright statement, and the copyright notices in Equine Web Design's HTML code. Can I use some of it for my own site? You have to be kidding, right? No.

What happens if someone uses [Equine Web Design's] copyrighted work without permission? First, they're off our Christmas card list for good. Next, they are asked to immediately remove any and all code, images, text, and content they have used without permission. In such case, if the material is being used on another web site, the 'offender's' web hosting provider may be notified that their hosted account is violating copy rights and/or committing trademark infringements, and asked to help enforce the removal of the prohibited material. We habitually forward all copyright violations to an attorney, should further action be necessary. And, no, we aren't particularly polite about it. We have always posted a very clear copyright statement on our site(s), and/or a link to our copyright statement on sites we have designed, as well as in the HTML code.

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